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  • Holding Clearance due to unfinished work

    Apart from returning of company assets during the clearance period, there will also be unfinished work to be turned-over to the supervisors.

    Francis Dave T. O


  • Terminated employee deleted the files she created on company shared drive.

    An employee on probation was evaluated on her 3rd month and management has decided not to continue her engagement anymore, she was asked not to report any more on the same day. She was asked to turn over all documents in google drive, but she deleted everything. Can we sue her for that? She is not answering any calls or text messages.

    Alma C


  • Dismissal of one of the employee who married their co-employee. Is it legal?

    I have been in a relationship with my co-employee for almost 9 years while working in the company. Last year we finally get married still working in the same company together. Now just a week ago, our manager told us that one of us should resign due to company policy that married couples are not allowed to be working together. What should we respond to his claim knowing that the owner of the said company tolerates such cases, and clearly it is not under the company policy. Is what he claimed legal based on the labor law?



  • Is it possible that the developer of the subdivision will pay the real property tax?

    The first timers will have an idea or information as guide in paying real property tax

    joselito de l


  • Resignation of employees with pending admin cases

    This will be helpful for the HR professionals and leaders on how would they manage employees with pending admin cases who would like to resign while their case is still ongoing. Should the leaders/HR consider/accept the resignation? What if the disciplinary action given is suspension and the suspension will end after the effectivity of the resignation? How would the HR/Leaders handle this?

    Angela N


  • Can an employer FORCE an employee to go to work during the Pandemic?

    I have been working from home since March 2020 and I'm planning to resign this month our company is aking us to go back to work I'm really concerned about my health and I don't want to risk getting COVID. I'm willing to turnover while working from home. I'm worried my employer will force me to report to work in 30 days. Can an employer Force you to go to work during the Pandemic?



  • on the spot resignation

    i have recently resign from my previous job effective jan 12,2022 due to family matter/conflict and give it to our manager on the same date...but i already endors/turn over all the files and my work to my co-work and have it signed..i only render 1 day of turnovers..our boss ddnt accept my resignation and i tell him i will not comback anymore to work.... can i get my COE, 13th month and last salary pay?...



  • as an architect intern/ trainee without any employment contract can i immediately leaves my job?and does our mentor sued me for that?

    it is useful for every interns who do not know what to do along thier jouney, for those who dont know where to seek advices



  • Tardiness of Manager

    In practice, we give more flexibility for manager who sometimes come to work few minutes late. But, since there are one or two of them who regularly comes in very late, we are now planning to deduct the tardiness to their salaries similar to what we do for rank and file employees. I'd like to confirm that if we stop this practice and communicate the same to managers it's a non-violation to any conditions in the labor code.

    Odessa D


  • Disclosure of reason for resignation

    Am I allowed to not disclose my reason for resignation? Is there any law that states this?



  • Are small partnerships required to submit audited FS via the SEC OST?

    Startup partnerships, especially micro to small ones.

    Kathleen A


  • What if Employee asked to be demoted?

    Hi, I'm helping my partner with this concern. He's a Supervisor in a BPO Company and wants to be demoted back as an agent due to so many workloads, OTTY, and not so competitive salary. However, he was told that as much as he wants to be demoted, the higher ops can't let him do so because it will put the account at risk. Although he already told them that he will train whoever will be the new supervisor, his demotion was still declined. I don't have much knowledge about employees rights regarding this matter so I hope you can help us. Thank you and have a great day!

    Christine De L


  • Is it mandatory to train my successor when I resign?

    Some resigning employees feel obligated to train their successors instread of focusing on the clearance process

    Francis Dave T. O


  • Is it legal for employer to defer payment of reimbursement until payment of last pay of resigned employee tendering turnover?

    It typically takes at least 30days for employers to process last pay, but reimbursing company expenses is shorter. Employees should know what they are entitled to even though they are already slated to leave their current employer for greener pasteurs.

    Maia R.


  • Hold my clearance after 30 days

    I rendered my resignation for 30 days after my resignation then there are documents remain unsubmitted after the effectivity of my resignation then they hold my clearance unless the documents is not completely submit to respective department

    Jeany T